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  • Dec 01 2013

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I don’t mean it in the definition of the National Socialist German Workers Party doctrine rather just literally as living space.
I like more space,more nature,balance and less humans in it

July 13 2016 Op-Ed: Don’t Suburban-ize Tacoma

I agree with JDHasty here.We need Lebensraum instead.
Who wants to live in a sardine can?

July 07 2016 Op-Ed: Don’t Suburban-ize Tacoma

One of the biggest global issues is that the Earth can’t sustain a human population greater than 1.5 billion individuals.Yet we have through the Haber-Bosch process (ammonia) of producing synthetic fertilizers discovered in the early 20th century based upon petroleum, been able to feed a much larger population now at 7 billion humans worldwide.

The human population is expected to rise to over 10 billion by the mid 21st century and then due to resource depletion by around 2070 a catastrophic

June 29 2016 Op-Ed: Don’t Suburban-ize Tacoma

I think what Tacoma will do along with the Tacoma Housing Authority is bring in much more Section 8 housing subsidized units along with Ghetto rats and other human criminal vermin which will have affordable housing of course but the crime will become rampant in the future.
You will be O.K. (except for the expected Police response) as long as your armed and do like Charlton Heston in The Omega Man (1971) in protecting your property.

The only one that profits here are the NAZI $$ developers.

June 21 2016 Op-Ed: Don’t Suburban-ize Tacoma

I am going to add that when I grew up the population of the United States was around 160,000,000,One in five Americans had a motor vehicle and the number of motor vehicles in the United States was around 35 million.One could easily and safely ride a bicycle on Tacoma streets back then with little traffic.Today the population has doubled yet the number of motor vehicles has increased a disproportional 10 fold to around 350,000,000 motor vehicles.
There are motor vehicles for every

June 15 2016 Op-Ed: Don’t Suburban-ize Tacoma

I’ll be a witness here and try to offer some advise.
I have a single family home in one of those growth areas.
In fact I live in it right now though I have a couple of homes in other areas.

The problem that I see with densifying these areas is that so far it is having no effect on reducing singly occupancy motor vehicle dependency that I have witnessed.

Let me tell you that I have a townhouse complex built next to my house across an alley.The units have a garage and a driveway sufficient for

June 15 2016 Op-Ed: Don’t Suburban-ize Tacoma

You’re better off buying a tent.
The most that I have ever paid for rent was $300 per month
and now I am a multiple property/homeowner/mogul.
I agree that we should get rid of urban sprawl by eliminating the excessive space occupied by motor vehicles which take over half of a cities land making destinations twice as far which also works against the very purpose of a car (it’s own enemy).
I farm quite happily in my back yard which means less need to travel to a supermarket.Why slave to give

May 08 2016 UPDATED: New Development: Stadium Apartments

Great idea. How about ship building at the port.The ones with real sails for environmentally friendly transportation like they had during the great age of sail.Add bicycle manufacturing and Velomobile manufacturing shops too.

Petroleum fuels will be depleted before the end of the 21st century and probably will be scarce by the mid 21st century.
The murderous and environmentally destructive age of the automobile will be happily over.
Someone suggested (I don’t know who) a solar manufacturing

April 21 2016 NWIW Halts Methanol Plant Development in Tacoma

I hate to say this but if NWIW bribed every Tacoma voter with say an offer of $5,000 or maybe $10,000 each to approve the plant they would probably have a lot of supporters.Let’s say as an example that there are 50,000 Tacoma voters (the rest being non voter Tacoma residents).That would cost a total of between $250,000,000 to $500,000,000 for payment to all the registered Tacoma Voters.

As another example lets say you pay every resident (man,woman,child ,infant) $2,000 as a bribe.For 210,000

April 16 2016 NWIW Releases A New Economic Impact Report on the Proposed Methanol Plant

I believe that when I looked up the laws in this state it looked to me that 4 wheel human powered vehicles were not lawful on public roads,streets or highways (those that are non restricted).3 wheels were A O K though.However maybe that law had been repealed.

April 04 2016 Rent a Bike (Or Something Even More Fun) On Ruston Way

Look our Mayor is going to China and Vietnam on an airline trip there.
that’s at least more than a years worth of CO2 emissions from an average gasoline fueled motor vehicle or more just for that one trip.

If she like Chinese investors,industry and especially their government so much I wish that she would just make it a one way trip,resign as our mayor and just stay there as a new Chinese citizen.


March 28 2016 How Will Tacoma Cope With Climate Change?

One thing that must be done is to vote out the quisling (and I mean that exact definition) politicians that supported this monstrous disaster for Tacoma and betrayed the future of the city as well as its innocent citizens.
I hate to be cynical but I doubt that this disaster will be stopped.Just like the Fukushima disaster 100’s millions of gallons of methanol will someday be right in the puget sound.And lets not forget what will happen to our utilities either.Probably the wisest thing to do

February 17 2016 New Opportunities for Conversations About Methanol, Methanol, Methanol!

Don’t blame me.I voted for a saner candidate for Tacoma Port commisioner or Tacoma Mayor or Tacome City Council member.
I voted for Robert Hill.So if the methanol plant gets approval by these city kooks well at least I didn’t vote for them.

January 26 2016 Tacoma City Business Preview for the Week of January 26, 2016

I absolutely agree Tim Smith. When will we have a new election to replace our Mayor as well as other city council members?
I can see getting rid of a lot of them out of government jobs for good.Can we have a citizens initiative to openly declare a Tacoma citizens majority censure of our Tacoma City Council including the mayor?
Unless officials took a bribe or something to that effect I don’t see impeachment of officxe as a possibility rather it’s more likely to be neglect of office ( non

January 15 2016 Tacoma City Council Meeting - January 12, 2016

Just remember folks Robert Jesse Hill wasn’t the kook who approved this insane facility.It was was your supposedly sane city council members.
Remember that at election time.Look at the LNG hazard area on this page.Wow I am glad that I am not in the blast zone.Too bad for those who are.

January 12 2016 City OKs New PSE LNG Facility

I support this as it helps Tacoma be less automobile dependent.
It would be better if this transit was more extensive and was entirely funded by heavier and heavier taxation on personal motor vehicles to discourage driving.

January 08 2016 ST3 Could Mean More Light Rail in Tacoma's Future... Maybe

It’s against Pierce Transit’s rules for someone to smoke within 50 feet of a transit stop.You should file a complaint or several with Pierce Transit.Take their pictures too (from a distance not near your home as to be safe) for documentation purposes.Take pictures of the litter as well and get your neighbors involved on this blight issue.

December 03 2015 Are You Ready to Give Up Your Disposable Grocery Bags?

I disagree incarceration does not change bad behavior rather it can create resentment.Corporal punishment teaches the brain that there is pain for a bad action just like if you put your hand on a hot stove you learn from the past experience not to do it again.In some forward thinking progressive Asian countries people are correctly lashed for littering and this leads towards better behavior as well as having cleaner streets.

December 03 2015 Are You Ready to Give Up Your Disposable Grocery Bags?

The things that bugs me are the litterers mostly from convenience stores with useless humans buying single cans of beer in cans often times in a bag and then drinking them walking home and littering the streets with these cans or bags or those littering with cigarette packages.Or stupid kids littering on their way from home with their candy wrappers with plastics bags too.Or the worthless humans that litter streets with fast food bags or empty drinking containers.
There should be more taxation

December 02 2015 Are You Ready to Give Up Your Disposable Grocery Bags?

You know we were under a slight water restriction this year.Just think how bad the water restrictions will be when this monster is in operation.
Maybe our water rate costs will double on our utility bills (limited supply and high demand).
Plus consider the other aspect and hazard (possible fire and explosion) of it producing 20,000 tons ! of methanol daily.
I don’t know how this hazard compares to the liquid natural gas hazard of the PSE LNG facility but it seems to me to be also a target that

November 26 2015 City OKs New PSE LNG Facility

Look at RR Anderson’s latest Tacomic at FeedTacoma titled
“Thanks Giving Conspiracy Roundup 2015”
He has hyperlinks that shows a related proposed Methanol plant that will use more water than all the residential customers.Be sure to read these.

November 25 2015 City OKs New PSE LNG Facility

Like Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols said in his old song God save the Queen “Potential H-Bomb”

November 16 2015 City OKs New PSE LNG Facility

This is getting better all the time.I could take the number 57 bus get my cardiac and COPD medication and go visit that cool Tinkertopia store.

October 30 2015 $15 Million For Tacoma Link Expansion

Time for another RR Anderson Walmart angst Tacomic cartoon !

October 30 2015 Smoke + Cedar is Closing

How about naming the Mountain after someone whom was very important for the development of Washington territory namely former Sercretary of War Jefferson Davis.
See here from the detailed information about Jefferson Davis Park in Washington State.


September 06 2015 Is It Time for the Return of Mount Tahoma

JDHasty it looks like much more than five blocks uphill to MLK especially from Commerce street and Pacific Ave.Take a look at the map for a change.Some of those downtown Tacoma hills can be pretty brutal too (not an easy walk especially for the elderly or those with physical disabilities).

August 10 2015 Link Expansion: Plans Move Forward, Questions Linger

I’d like to see very energy efficient less energy consuming more resource friendly owner occupied micro houses on small lots rather than rentals.Why not $50,000 micro houses with land especially for single occupancy. I think that there is less crime when its owner occupied and there is more pride in ownership vs not caring very much about others when you’re a renter.A person can downsize,take pride in being more Earth friendly rather than a have it all consumerist resource hog whom doesn’t give

August 07 2015 More Housing Variety, More Affordable Housing

Remember folks Robert Hill is counting on you!

August 04 2015 Pierce County Primary: Get Your Ballot In Today

They go and some of them die in wars in a volunteer armed forces to seize global resources (like petroleum).This is a republic by the way.

July 28 2015 Candidates for District 3 council race talk about development in Tacoma

Whom the News Tribune supports I oppose therefore Robert Hill got my vote hands down for every candidate position available even as a write in candidate.

July 28 2015 Candidates for District 3 council race talk about development in Tacoma

I would not want to live in (now ML) King County at all.
I prefer (Franklin) Pierce County even if was named after a anti abolishionist fugitive slave act enforcing drunkard former President.

July 23 2015 More Buses for Northeast Tacoma

$20 per hour minimum wage now!

July 19 2015 Tacoma Minimum Wage: 15 Now? 15... Eventually? 12 Eventually?

If she pulled wild stunts and had crazy antics in the Tacoma City Council meetings like Robert Hill I would consider voting for her.

July 19 2015 Kris Blondin Announces Tacoma City Council Candidacy in District 3

If we were going after crooks there would probably be much fewer businesspeople
as many of them like to cook the books or have other crooked business practices.Not to say all of them just many of them.

July 11 2015 Guest Article: Know15.com Direct to $15 is too EXTREME!

How about a Petroleum dependence tax to cover a potential $5 billion in a rail disaster insurance rather than the $60 million in what is currently insured for.Petroleum is used for all sorts of things and not just motor vehicle fuels like say for consumer goods,prescription drugs,fertilizers etc.However most of these goods are transported by motor vehicles and purchased by consumers using motor vehicles.If we could lessen our (addiction) dependence the insurance costs would go down.Perhaps a

July 11 2015 Tacoma, "NW city most threatened by oil trains"

Amazing work by comrade RR Anderson.
If hypothetically a minimum local wage of $15 was implimented here a positive benefit would be the mitigation of the harmful to the environment Tacoma to Seattle commute by many of its residents.Also it would save scarcer fuels and costly infrastructures.
It would be much better if we could work locally as close as possible to home rather than have to have the insanity of long commutes.
It would be better would be if we lived so close to our workplace that

July 10 2015 Guest Article: Know15.com Direct to $15 is too EXTREME!

At the time I never worked for the middle class (I didn’t know those people).
This is why I was able to have numerous vintage 1960’s electric guitars,HP programmable calculators (like the HP-65,67 and 41c) and microcomputers like the MITS Altair along with numerous electronic projects and other hobbies back then in the 1970’s.
Yes I realized was making more than many adults (just working part time on my own as a teenager) and was very fortunate.

June 29 2015 $15 Minimum Wage Will Appear on November Ballots in Tacoma

Supurb work again !

June 28 2015 $15 Minimum Wage Will Appear on November Ballots in Tacoma

When I was at the age of 15 back in the early 1970’s I was making around $20 per hour mowing lawns.
Of course I was lucky in that I was mowing the lawns of well to do people and they payed very well plus the lawn mower was theirs and they payed for the gasoline too.That was over 40 years ago though.

June 28 2015 $15 Minimum Wage Will Appear on November Ballots in Tacoma

How about name that German Bavarian Beer Hall the Hofbrauhauskeller and hold Nationalist Geman Political debates there.
Just kidding.

June 12 2015 German Beer Hall Coming to Stadium District

The problem about electric cars is if you replace all the gasoline cars with electric ones there won’t be enough electricity to power them.
Also the cost of electric power will become very high
Due to climate change (thank fossil fuel vehicles in large part for that) the rocky mountain glaciers that feeds the hydroelectric dams in Eastern Washington will be having less glacial melt every year due to disappearing glaciers.Eventually no Glaciers means no hydroelectric electricity and no Columbia

May 20 2015 Proctor Building Boom of 2008, Seven Years Late...

“Even the most pessimistic estimates predict self-driving cars on the streets within 15 years.”

Sure $20 per gallon of gasoline and $100,000 self driving passenger cars mere pocket change for your average Joe right?

May 19 2015 Proctor Building Boom of 2008, Seven Years Late...

One person who would not run away would be Robert Jesse Hill.
But then you would say something along the lines of God no not him!

May 17 2015 Hines announces switch in bid for Tacoma City Council

We should host a Curtis LeMay “Dr Stranglove type” B-52,B-47,B-36 and B-29 Museum along with nuclear bomb displays right next to the Harold LeMay Car Museum. This would be like a tale of two doomsday themed museums.The Nuclear threat of the Cold War that never happened as compared to the Anthropocene,Global Climate change and Ocean Acidification Global Holocaust thats actually happening in the Earth’s greatest sixth extinction event in geologic history due to human activity (motor vehicles

May 15 2015 (Re)Defining Tacoma?

When South Tacoma and the East side are completely densified (with ugh rental units) in the future it will be the Central district,Hilltop,North End (starting to happen already in the Proctor district ),North East end and West Tacoma’s turn to be redeveloped.No wonder that people want conservation disctricts but the more well to do will have just be next on the list.Sorry but all the private homes and classy properties won’t exist anymore,It will all be densified Stalin era type apartments (you

May 14 2015 Find Yourself In Tacoma

You would need mid drive type motors for like the N 30th street -McCarver street area hills in North Tacoma.

May 13 2015 What Would a Tacoma-Style Bike Share Look Like?

It’s going to happen anyway.
Southern California is already under severe water restrictions and it’s predicted that Los Angeles along with most of the Southwestern United States will become mostly uninhabitable sometime in the 2030 decade due to climate change.Mexico city will become uninhabitable before then by the year 2028.
Basically that means all those climate change refugees will be coming up north with all their climate disaster creating mobile fossil fuel machines.What does that mean

May 13 2015 Find Yourself In Tacoma

What can eliminate the difficulty of steep hills is a bicycle (specific) funicular or like the Cyclocable bicycle escalator in Trondheim Norway which is a very small apparatus or just a regular funicular.Downtown Tacoma SHOULD have funiculars for pedestrians anyways as the hills are a nuisance.
Funiculars are rarer in the United States but more common in Europe.
They could be smaller and much less expensive though.

A simple bicycle funicular just as an example can be made with a rope with

May 12 2015 What Would a Tacoma-Style Bike Share Look Like?

Using any type of motor vehicle is a fail in numerous ways.

March 21 2015 Draft Transportation Master Plan Ready for More Public Input

Anything automobile centric will be doomed in the future and just lead to ruination.
Let’s works towards protecting the environment,our health and safety and saving a
good future for Tacoma.Abandon those anthropocence mobile species extinction death machines (the car).Tacoma deserves better like having funicular public or cargo transport.


March 18 2015 Draft Transportation Master Plan Ready for More Public Input

If Robert Hill runs he will certainly get my vote.
Perhaps RRAnderson at feedtacome could make up some new campaign posters too like he did last time.Those were awesome.

March 18 2015 Tacoma City Council District 3 Race Gets Going

Using motor vehicles is not sustainable (for a long term future here) because petroleum fuels are finate (they will become extremely rare and expensive by the mid 21st century)  and electrical energy is limited as well so you can’t replace hugely energy wasting inefficient ICE motor vehicles with huge energy wasting inefficient electrically powered ones.
There should be a big sin tax on motor vehicles because they are so destructive to the environment (major source of human based CO2

February 27 2015 Mayor Strickland Announces $500 Million Plan to Fix All the Potholes

So you prefer mass extinction in the short anthropocene due to everyone having and using Motor vehicles
.Here is a different set of better ideas and why the car culture is insanity.

February 27 2015 Mayor Strickland Announces $500 Million Plan to Fix All the Potholes

$500 million dollars is basically $2,500 per every man,woman,child and infant in Tacoma.Motor vehicle infrastructure is insanity.Save all that money instead and abandon the lunatic automobile centric model.It is unsustainable for any future.
The streets should be only for humans and human powered vehicles.No need for huge 4 lane streets anymore.
Here is the answer.

February 26 2015 Mayor Strickland Announces $500 Million Plan to Fix All the Potholes

Why should property owners be responsible for the taxes on restoring the streets.
It should be directly the motor vehicles owners that are responsible since they are using it and creating the problems like potholes and sometimes driving with winter chains that wreck the streets.There are property owners whom don’t own motor vehicles.

February 26 2015 Mayor Strickland Announces $500 Million Plan to Fix All the Potholes

Those responsible for creating the potholes should be the ones whom should be taxed for repairing them not like landline phone users or others.
Heavy commercial and construction vehicles should be taxed the most since they are responsible for much of the damage,then heavy trucks,vans and SUV’s. Lighter passenger vehicles should be taxed less.Motocycles and scooters the least.
Tax by vehicle weight and be fair tax especially more if its’s for business (commercial) reasons as they are heavy

February 25 2015 Mayor Strickland to Announce Plan to Fix Potholes

I’ll disagree a lot with your walking rates.
5.6 mph is not walking rather it’s jogging.
I say that an average walking rate is between 2 to 3 miles an hour with no stopping,
2 or less mph being far more likely as the walker has to often stop and wait at intersections with crossing lights to cross a street (Much more likely in downtown Tacoma)

February 07 2015 Obama Budget Includes Link Extension Funding

Everywhere it should be paid parking for motor vehicles.Everywhere ! 24/7/365
You drive you pay until you’re bankrupt.

February 07 2015 Pay Parking in Proctor

The problem is that people are not living life according to personal responsibility rather the opposite of it due to either bad habits or ignorance.It would be somewhat similar to people smoking tobacco cigarettes and blowing that smoke in your face.Hypothetically if 95% of the population did that it doesn’t make it a healthy or smart choice.
So I am saying that the vast majority of people are wrong
in how they use (abuse) motor vehicles and they way they use transportation.A much worse problem

January 31 2015 Pierce County General Services Building: Growing Plans

Some short videos here on why automobile centric transportation methods are gravely flawed.Whoever has created this GS Building Plan for their transportation study should have been retired as their methodology is obsolete and from the past.

This one is great and short.
His Youtube page has a lot of other great similar videos and examples
and he even sells some books on his ideas.He should win the Nobel Prize.

Car Trouble: And How to Fix It



January 29 2015 Pierce County General Services Building: Growing Plans

I completely agree with ckarnes here. This is an motor vehicle centric idea basically a proven failure of a unsustainable system from more than 50 or 60 years ago.
It would be like planning to build another ASARCO smelting plant here.
There shoud be a design to have a bus transit main covered stop there and also consideration ( an area left planned for a future trolley system stop center there too).
In addition 8 short term bicycle spaces for the public is absurdly low instead there should be

January 29 2015 Pierce County General Services Building: Growing Plans

I had a heart attack earlier this year (my heart functions now at a meager 25% efficiency) though now I cycle around 18 miles per day,5 days per week.

What I learned in the cardio rehab class was that the people in this country are facing a cardiovascular epidemic with about half the population eventually dying of cardiovascular disease due to our bad American habits like our poor high chloresterol red meat,fast foot,prepared foods,restaurant food diets,our sedentary (lack of exercise)

January 24 2015 2015 Will Be the "Year of the Bike" in Tacoma

Due to projected Sea Level rise this area will likely be underwater in 100 years anyway.It already is at risk if there is an Earthquake caused Tsunami too.
Even with Dikes (Sea Walls) it will certainly be a doomed underwater area by 200 years.
So Sea rise will annex this and be laughing at the developers in the end.

January 23 2015 Annexing Point Ruston

“To accommodate this growth, the MUCs are zoned for higher density, non-automobile dependent development. The goal is for these neighborhoods to function more or less self-sufficiently, with a mix of uses to allow residents and workers to meet many of their needs within the neighborhood, without getting in their cars.”

To phase out automobile dependancy in those areas just limit on street parking in those areas with 30 minute or less parking or just delivery or utility type parking only.Put

January 15 2015 Reviewing Tacoma's Mixed Use Centers

I believe that we are expecting population growth for various reasons including a explosion of future climate change refugees.Tacoma will be facing huge population growth probably much greater by far than predicted.Unfortunately we have to adapt in order to survive.We are like astronauts on Spaceship Earth except we are on one with a big problem like Apollo 13.We humans collectively are in a lot of trouble due to our unsustainable lifestyles and unless there are drastic changes quickly we won’t

January 04 2015 A Conservation District to Preserve Lack of Density?

Cardiovascular Disease is the largest cause of death by far and so are other many other medical conditions/diseases.

September 25 2014 City Council Will Discuss Supporting Increased Gun Sale Background Check Requirements

Unless you’re badly physically handicapped 5 blocks should be an easy short distance walk maybe between a quarter and a third of a miles distance.At 2 miles per hour walking that would be merely a 10 minute walk (should be easy for normal people).
Just buy your own personal shopping cart like many Pierce Transit bus passengers do.Need to carry more for your family get your wife and kids their own carts too and have them come along.Either that or just purchase less groceries more often with your

September 15 2014 Help Fix Tacoma's Residential Parking Permit Program

The problem is Tacoma is destructively,excessively motor vehicle dependant leading to a soon future of a devastating catastrophe of absolute ruination when petroleum fuels will become scarce in a few decades from now.It will happen and there won’t be enough electricity if everyone had an electric car instead.
What would you do if gasoline cost $150 per gallon and there were immobile junkers parked on the street blocking any traffic?
In that time cars will be the ugly unwanted garbage heaps of

September 12 2014 Help Fix Tacoma's Residential Parking Permit Program

It used to be quite a large fad (albeit illegal) for electronic communications enthusiasts (private individuals ) to monitor cellular phone conversations just for laughs even 25 and 30 years ago.Anyone adept can be their own private NSA too and join the club.
It could be mindbogglingly fun fun fun.
I know of people that just for kicks remotely monitor encrypted information on police laptops.

August 29 2014 Is TPD Playing Big Brother?

I have some spare cardboard boxes for the mayor and some city council members so they will have a place to reside in if there is a costly judgement against them.
I recommend watching the movie Life Stinks by Mel Brooks.There is also a place for meals at St Leo’s in Tacoma for the indigent.

August 29 2014 Walmart Developer Sues Tacoma

There are also many people whom assume they can’t ride a human powered vehicle like a bicycle because of balance problems,poor physical conditioning or other disability.For those with balance problems there are recumbent trikes,velomobiles or even adult trikes (usually inexpensive).For poor physical conditioning and heart problems electric assisted bikes or electric bike motor kits come into play.One great new hybrid human/electric powered vehicle is the Organic Transit ELF Solar or plug in

August 12 2014 Stadium in Motion

It helps combat anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions (awesome) and saves money.
My only beef with it is the dilemma if one forgets to put out the garbage (big trouble as it won’t be picked up for another two weeks.Same thing with the recycling.One has to be very vigilant and not make a mistake Before forgetting to put out the weekly garbage was a darn I missed it but workable.Now it can be a bigger smellier hardship.
I have downsized my garbage service to save money on my utility bill but

July 25 2014 Every-Other-Week Trash Pick-Up Update

I think that the Tacoma City Council will be safe for a while (again) from Gadfly Robert Hill as I just looked upon his name at WA Courts online and saw a Robert Jesse Hill booked in the Kitsap County Jail on a Felony Promoting Prostitution charge with a $150,000 bail.Not 100% sure but I think that it’s him.


However I do miss the local comedy viewing on TV Tacoma

July 12 2014 Tacoma City Council Meeting - July 8, 2014

How about bum shacks and a tent city there for the street people that normally live in cardboard boxes.

June 22 2014 Tacoma Dome Transit Oriented Development - Who's Interested?

I am commuter cyclist on a specific route so personally I’ve never riden yet on the Scott Pierson trail.Is that where they just have a crosswalk between the trail parts in that busy area?
If so maybe they could put up a narrow elevated bridge?
It might be costly yet how much are lives,injuries worth?

June 22 2014 Next Steps for Pedestrian Crossing Improvements

A saner city council headed by future Mayor Robert Hill.

June 18 2014 Tacoma 2025: What's Your Vision for Tacoma?

Already there is a lot of on street (Motor Vehicle) parking on those fairly narrow streets in that multi family/single family home part (the orange/yellow colored map section) area so a bicycle lane would be futile without banning on street parking.
Biking is not too bad right now as long as there is not a lot of motor vehicle traffic.

May 22 2014 (Re)Planning the Tacoma Mall Area

Most People should commute to work no more than 10 miles (5 miles or less is better) from where they reside.
Auto Dependency is harming much of life on Earth.

May 21 2014 Finding the Right Job-Housing Balance for Tacoma

With 10 story multi family housing where will people park their motor vehicles?
If it’s self contained it might work (except for insane local area auto dependant gridlock traffic)
With a massive increase in Motor Vehicles due to increased density it will be difficult to cross any street in the area without street lights,crosswalks with signals etc.
The only way to mitigate this would be to eliminate the motor vehicles or limit them somehow.
Eventually in several decades petroleum fuels will be

May 21 2014 (Re)Planning the Tacoma Mall Area

I need to ride more anyways but I was disappointed seeing so few people on bikes on Earth Day.In fact I saw little mentioned of Earth Day in the newspapers or online.
It bummed me out as though saving the Earth and most species means nothing compared to the almighty dollar.I saw only one other bicyclist that day (April 22nd) most people just didn’t care as I saw them driving their fossil fueled CO2 emitting monsters.

May 01 2014 Get Excited for Bike Month!

Motor Vehicle traffic will get worse but in the calculus due to petroleum world resource depletion issues and even alternative fuels fortunately congestion will diminish just in a couple of decades as fuels or even energy becomes much more prohibitive (costly) and scarce.It will become unsustainable as there will to quote a title of a famous study from the 1970’s called the Limits of Growth.By 2040 or 2050 the Interstate Highways system itself will become mostly a Velomobile,surrey,bicycle or

April 18 2014 I-5 Congestion Around JBLM - How Do You Fix It?

If I had not changed service levels this would have become a never ending trauma/torture costing me around $35 a month for 60 gallon service I didn’t need (comes to roughly $420 a year).

Edit sorry I meant around $35 a month EXTRA for 60 gallon service than for 30 Gallon service.

January 09 2014 Every Other Week Garbage Pick-Up


I can understand workers being wrong but I will not like being forced to pay for services that I don’t get.One can never know because often times someone is overbilled because of a possible embezzlement possibility on the part of greedy/corrupt accountants/billing workers (Hey if tens of thousands of ratepayers were overcharged that would add up to lots of money right?). I am not accusing them of this though but there was clear resistance on their part either because of this new

January 09 2014 Every Other Week Garbage Pick-Up

If you request a switch your level of service at the same time that the city utilities solid waste department phases this in your area you might have headaches.Check your Utility Bill closely and contest any overcharge.

I was still being overcharged for a 60 gallon garbage container service level on my bimonthly utility bill during the period in which my pickup had changed to the Every Other Weekly Garbage pickup area.
I had also switched to 30 Gallon Garbage Every Other Weekly service and

January 09 2014 Every Other Week Garbage Pick-Up

The city of Tacoma would have been fabulously rich if it had listened to the advise of Robert Hill and invested in Gold at the time no matter how nutty Robert Hill seems to appear to be.

January 05 2014 What will we be talking about in 2014?

Wow a Tacomic we can comment on without having to use Facebook.
This is so awesome.

How about RR Anderson as a city council member choice
At least he would make us laugh and might even make watching the council meetings on TV Tacoma funny and entertaining again

December 17 2013 District 1 Bingo

I lived next to a townhouse that was built next to my single family residence 5 years ago.They each have a parking garage and a driveway.Guess what most of the residents use the garage for storage and have 3 or 4 motor vehicles.One resident chain parks his SUV’s in front of my house and occasionally some dum***s parks in front of my driveway blocking my right of way.Trust me on this.They can build underground parking all they want but on average each resident renter dweller or family will have

December 13 2013 Are You Ready For a New Proctor?

Just appoint a valid sane person to the city council like Robert Jesse Hill (he can serve from his jail cell and will soon be released from in a few months from, now).

December 01 2013 Tacoma City Council Member to Take Leave of Absence
Event Date Make Changes