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10 Incredibly Beautiful High Schools That Put Yours to Shame

Tacoma's Stadium High School shows up at #1 on a list of the most beautiful high schools around the world. Or as the ranking describes them, "10 Incredibly Beautiful High Schools That Put Yours to Shame."

The list may be a little skewed in favor of American schools, with more than half of the list coming from the US, but regardless of that, it's nice to see Stadium heading up the list. And they're right, Stadium, and the rest of the list, are pretty impressive.

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Dennis Flannigan

Stadium was featured in a 1946 (I’m guessing) issue of LIFE magazine for the same reason, as a remarkable piece of architecture and hence, the coolest high school in America. Photos, B&W, were part of the story.

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David Palmer

Originally, the building was built by the Railroad to be a luxury hotel for the Western Terminus of its line.  I don’t remember if the RR was the Milwaukee Road, or the Northern Pacific.  But, when the hotel idea didn’t pan out, they deeded the property to the City of Tacoma for a school, thus Stadium High School was born.  Just to the left of the school is a natural bowl shape which makes the perfect site of a football stadium.

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David W. Donovan

Click the link below for the complete history of this outstanding school.


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