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A Brief History of How ‘Complete Streets’ Became Hip

In Tacoma we get to hear the phrase "complete streets" a lot these days - in the context of the Stadium Way project, Pacific Avenue streetscaping, and other projects. 

But it hasn't always been around. The complete streets movement began in the 1990s with the simple idea that streets should safely accomodate all modes of transportation.

It's not just a design philosophy, it's a community organizing movement. A new book, Completing Our Streets from Barbara McCann one of the originators of the movement discusses some of the philosophies, principles, and tactics that have made the movement such a success.

Given the ubiquity of 'complete streets' in Tacoma planning documents it's nice to see a little context - and Tacoma even shows up in one of the images in this review from The Atlantic Cities.

Read more at The Atlantic Cities


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