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Affordable Housing’s Forever Solution

The City of Tacoma is looking at land use strategies and other policies to encourage infill development and increase availability of affordable housing. 

Tacoma isn't the only city trying to address these issues, and a recent article from Next City looks at a different kind of solution the residents of one Boston neighborhood tried. The Dudley Neighbors Incorporated community land trust protects affordable housing for both renters and homeowners within its 62 acres.

Community land trusts exist in a variety of forms. The general idea is that a nonprofit; usually made up of community members, residents of the land trust, and sometimes political representatives; acquires the land to be used based on the needs of the neighborhood residents - in this case, to create a pocket of permanently affordable housing.

In light of back-and-forths going on right now over what Tacoma can (or should) do to support affordable housing, it's an interesting outside-the-box kind of solution to defending affordable housing.

Read more at Next City



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