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British Artist Damien Hirst Just Got Approval to Build a Whole Town

If you're familiar with British millionaire Damien Hirst, it's probably for his work as an artist creating pieces like sharks preserved in formaldehyde, or a diamond encrusted platinum skull. Well, now Hirst is trying his hand at city planning... or maybe it's just one big piece of performance art.

Whatever Hirst's intention is, he's gotten preliminary approval to build a small town from the ground up in Great Britain. The 187-acre town will have 750 homes, an elementary school, shops, healthcare facilities, sports fields, and other features of a typical town. Knowing Hirst's love for shock art, it seems unlikely that his vision for the town is at  all typical. Only time will tell.

We're always interested in questions of urban planning, and this seems like a pretty extreme situation. How will it turn out? How would you like to live in a town designed by an artist known for work designed to shock, and an obsession with death? How about living in the next town over?

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