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Broken Windows

We've heard quite a bit about "broken windows" policing theory in relation to recent events in Ferguson, New York, and elsewhere, and well before that, before we ever started writing about Tacoma on this website. So when we happened across a link to the original article that put the idea out there for the public, we thought it might be an interesting read.

It is.

It's a bit long, but in light of recent events around the country, it provides a feast of food for thought. Written 30 years ago, it could hardly seem more relevant to conversations about police and community relations.

Tacoma has (knock on wood) avoided much of the tension other cities have seen in recent days, weeks, and months, but this theory has informed the way we talk about public safety and the role of the police to such an extent that it will continue to be relevant as these conversations continue.

Read more at The Atlantic


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