Exit133 is about Tacoma

Can Seattle save itself from a San Francisco-sized tech backlash?

It's not often that Tacoma gets mentioned as a positive role model for Seattle, so when it does, it catches our attention. This week Crosscut editor Berit Anderson called Tacoma out in a good way.

If we could follow Tacoma's willingness to be both practical and openminded about transit, education and arts innovation...

Once we got over reading that, though, we found some of Anderson's ideas on the subject of encouraging responsible growth intriguing. Tacoma comes up in her suggestion that Seattle work to "master the art of Northwest regionalism." She also mentions an idea borrowed from San Francisco.

... the community benefit agreement: In effect, companies that settle there can receive payroll tax exemptions in exchange for community outreach.

Mastering the art of regionalism? Community benefit agreements? At the very least it's food for thought...

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