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Chamber Announces 2015 Legislative Agenda

The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber has announced its legislative agenda for 2015. It's a list of principles and priorities the Chamber would like to see the State Legislature act on this session.

Not a whole lot of surprises here for a business-oriented group. There are some broad-brush principles: grow business and create jobs; and some more vaguely worded imperatives: "... avoid efforts that would impose duplicate governing structures or mandates and restrictions on the ability of  providers to care for their patients, regardless of their income status."

They also list some more specific goals they support: completion of SR 167, commute trip reduction credits and STEM curricula; and those they're opposed to: localized minimum wage laws and mandatory paid leave proposals.

It's the Chamber's prescription for what the State can do to promote business growth in Tacoma and Pierce County. What do you think?

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