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Cops must now get a warrant to use stingrays in Washington state

Last year it became public that Tacoma Police, along with other departments in the area and across the country had been using technology known as "cell site simulators" to intercept cell phone information from criminal suspects.

The thing was, the technology (the most common brand goes by the name Stingray) also indiscriminately captured information from innocent bystanders, and the police were more than a little secretive about how the technology worked, and what happened to that information.

In November Pierce County placed stronger requirements on the use of the devices, an now Washington State lawmakers have passed a law requiring police not only to have a warrant specifically for each instance in which they choose to use the technology, but that they must be far more explicit about how it will be used. Washington isn't the first state to crack down on the devices, but it may be the most stringent. 

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