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Crosswalks: More than just paint on the asphalt

In a guest piece for Post Defiance Andrew Austin considers the uneven distribution of pedestrian fatalities around Tacoma, and makes the case that "urban street design and city policy surrounding human safety is fundamentally a matter of rights and justice."

Austin advocates for pedestrian-friendly redesign of many of Tacoma's roadways, up to and including the installation of speed cameras. At the very least we should get some paint on the road to mark crossings at major intersections, he argues"High-speed, high-capacity roads such as Pacific Avenue between South Tacoma and downtown..., are fucking scary places for those who travel them on foot or bicycle," says Austin. 

The current $2.5 million Pedestrian Crossings Improvement Project is a start, but amounts to only 0.01% of the City budget. City leaders, he says, need to do more, faster.

Read more at Post Defiance


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