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Do rain gardens work at industrial sites?

In 2011 Totem Ocean Trailer Express (TOTE) built an industrial rain garden at their location in the Port of Tacoma. In 2012 that rain garden project got them recognized as an environmental champion. Two years after that, the rain garden is still succeeding at filtering stormwater run-off before it hits Puget Sound waters.

TOTE had been having difficulty meeting stormwater management standards for heavy metal contaminants in their run-off, and the rain garden turned that around. It was so successful that the company was able to close one of its existing traditional stormwater outfalls. And it turns out that the rain gardens are significantly cheaper than installation of a traditional industrial-scale filtering facility.

Cheaper. More efficient. More attractive. Sounds like we could start seeing more industrial rain gardens.

Read more at Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce


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