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Downtown Tacoma hotel developer in talks with two very different hotel operators

If you've been following the happenings around the proposed Tacoma Convention Center hotel project, you may know that Yareton, the Chinese investment group developing the project had another deadline recently. 

Yareton completed its first due-diligence phase last month, and will make the second of two "earnest money" payments, pending City approval of development plans.  The development group has also started discussions with two hotel chains about operation of the new Tacoma hotel - a 4-hotel boutique operator based in the western U.S., or a global hotel operator with hundreds of properties around the world. The TNT has more details of those two chains, although the conversations are just exploratory at this point.

Whatever the decision is on who will operate the hotel, it's supposed to be "four-star," according to the developer's deal with the City - although it sounds like "four-star" could mean a lot of things.

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