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Everything You Need to Know About Octopus Wrestling

How much do you need to know about octopus wrestling?

Well, that's probably subjective, but let's start with the fact that apparently in the 1950s and 60s it was definitely a thing in the Puget Sound region. And in 1963 Tacoma was home to the World Octopus Wrestling Championships, held just off Titlow Beach.

Despite its apparent popularity 50 years ago, we're not expecting to see a resurgence of the sport any time soon - the treatment of the octopuses wasn't exactly humane, and the sport is now illegal. Although, a re-enactment would make an interesting addition to May's Historic Preservation Month calendar...

Read more about the 1963 championships in Tacoma, and about the sport in general in this article. Hat tip to Zack for sharing the story.

Read more at Mental Floss


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