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Fed up with Seattle? Here are 9 other cities you’ll love

A piece on Crosscut today pitches Tacoma as one possible next big thing for Seattlites fed up with Seattle. 

Writer Mark Hinshaw describes a "wonderfully gritty Tacoma" coming to life after a long spell in the doldrums. Museums and galleries downtown, pleasant neighborhoods and shopping districts, "26th and Proctor is like a diminutive Capitol Hill..." Hey, this sounds like a place a Seattleite might actually enjoy... or at least enjoy making their own...

"Yes, the Seattle that existed when you first arrived here ... is indeed dead. And it’s not coming back. But hey, if you can’t deal with it, there is something you can do. You can reinvent your own place elsewhere."

Elsewhere - like Tacoma. Hinshaw has a message for Seattleites that could just as easily apply to Tacoma: "Listen up, now. Cities. Change. Constantly." If Tacoma continues to see an influx of King County refugees, it could change us too. Like the varied responses from different EU countries to those fleeing Syrians, how we deal with it will define us.

So, do we welcome downtrodden Seattle migrants with open arms, or encourage them to continue their search for new homes in other places like Puyallup, Bremerton, or Anacortes?

Read more at Crosscut


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