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Fife and Steilacoom are latest jurisdictions to consider improving roads with special taxing distric

Back in 2012 the Tacoma City Council voted to create a Transportation Benefit District to raise funds for improvements to our roads. Shortly thereafter a $20 car tab fee was adopted to raise those funds. Other cities in the county including Buckley, Carbonado, Eatonville, Edgewood, Orting and Roy also have followed the same path.

Now The News Tribune reports that Fife and Steilacoom are moving in that general direction, although they're moving a little slower. This week Fife's city council voted to create a TBD, and Steilacoom's will consider the issue next month. Neither has any immediate plans to impose a car tab fee or other taxing structure, but the creation of a TBD opens the door to that possibility. Fife in particular has the impact of freight traffic to deal with, and would look for a way to include businesses in any funding scheme along with residents.

If Fife adopts a fee or tax to fund its TBD, especially one that includes businesses, it could go a ways toward leveling the playing field with Tacoma...

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