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Gentrification May Actually Be Boon To Longtime Residents

Gentrification seems to be a bit of hot topic lately. Here's an interesting take from NPR based on research on the subject.

Apparently some recent studies suggest that long-time residents of gentrifying neighborhoods may in fact benefit from the trend that brings in condo-dwellers and Whole Foods stores.

One study shows that lower-income residents are no more likely than before to move as higher-income newbies move in. Another suggests that the original residents of gentrifying neighborhoods may actually see their credit scores rise with the tide of new neighbors.

We haven't had anti-gentrification riots in Tacoma, but it's a word that gets invoked fairly often when change comes to a neighborhood around here. Is it possible it's not as bad as the critics might think? Is it possible that gentrification isn't class war?

Read more at NPR


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