Exit133 is about Tacoma

Glassblowers versus skaters

As you may have heard, the BBC is touring Tacoma this month, recording stories via their new BBC Pop Up project

They've talked to and recorded local storytellers, artists, and others for inclusion in a series that will air for viewers back on the other side of the pond and elsewhere around the world. 

Two of the special Tacoma stories they captured during their time here involve the ongoing renaissance of the Hilltop, and a couple programs that work with youth from that neighborhood and elsewhere. We won't see the full videos on air here in the states, but the BBC Pop Up Behind the Scenes blog has some clips for us. 

Hilltop Artists and Alchemy Skateboarding are ideas that have roots firmly planted in gritty Tacoma soil. And now the rest of the world will have a chance to learn about them.

Read more at BBC Pop Up



Great pieces, at least what we can see!

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