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Improving a City’s Disaster Response–With Bikes

After reading the latest from scientists about the eerily quiet fault in the Pacific, we're once again reminded of the easily forgotten, but very real possibility of the big one hitting the Puget Sound region at any time. Given that, a creative disaster response that asks cyclists to fill critical needs in the case of a large-scale urban catastrophe might be of interest. 

The Disaster Relief Trials sends cyclists on cargo bikes around a challenging course, criss-crossing the city, completing simulated emergency tasks. It's like cyclocross meets first aid class. The idea is that in the case of an emergency, bikes can carry things faster and in greater volume than a person on foot, and navigate some potential disaster-related challenges more easily than automobiles.

Could this kind of response come in handy around here? Would you like to see a Disaster Relief Trials here - if only because it would be cool to watch?

Read more at Atlantic CityLab


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