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Introducing Tacoma

Tacoma is now a video game... well, not really, but it's the title of a video game. On Friday at the (video) Game Awards, Portland gamemaker Fullbright announced its next big project, Tacoma, with a teaser trailer.

According to a blog post from Fullbright, the game was originally slated to be set in Tacoma, but ended up set at a lunar station 200,000 miles from earth in the near-future. But at least they kept Tacoma for the name of the space station (and the name of the game).

Tacoma is scheduled for a 2016 release.

Read more at Fullbright


Michael Laine

Honestly, you can’t imagine how eerily prophetic this might be.  Thanks for posting this.  I’m gonna reach out to these folks and chat with them.  Take care, mjl

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