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Investigation may close down 6 for-profit Everest College schools

For-profit colleges don't have the best reputation in the education world. Now an investigation is turning up questionable business practices by Corinthian Colleges, parent company of Everest Colleges.

The chain of for-profit schools is under investigation by the Washington Attorney General's office for preying on low-income students and falsifying job-placement rates. Those falsified job numbers, along with altered grades and attendance numbers, used in marketing materials, have gotten the attention of the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Securities and Exchange Commission too.

There's an Everest campus in downtown Tacoma on Pacific Avenue, about a block south of the UWT campus. Corinthian will be either closing or selling its Everest schools, which have already had state and federal financial aid yanked.

So, there could be a school, or maybe even a whole building available on Pacific soon ...

Read more at The Seattle Times


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