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Jaime Kay passes Marrow’s torch to Hilltop Kitchen’s Chris and Matt

There's a bit of a shuffle in the works for a couple of Tacoma's better eating and drinking establishments, and their proprietors.

Jamie Kay of Top of Tacoma and Marrow, and her Marrow business partner Chef Kyle Wnuk will be leaving Marrow, and handing the business over to Chris Keil from Hilltop Kitchen (and formerly 1022) and his HK partner Matt Schweitzer.

Jamie's not going away, though - she just wants to focus her attention on Top of Tacoma. Chris and Matt will take over Marrow, and will still be at Hilltop Kitchen, which they opened less than a year ago.

Change can be scary, but we look forward to seeing what all the players involved have in store for us...

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I love both places and I really dig that Chris and all his talent will only be a mile away at Marrow. Of course, I will continue to both establishments as Hilltop Kitchen is at the top! If they both stay, two of my top three choices for drink and food reside in these two fun and active venues. Marrow could not be in better hands, thanks to all who brokered this deal!  Signed… A loyal guest of both places, john a

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