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Matt Driscoll: A look at Tacoma’s ‘unmet, brutal need’ for affordable housing

The need for and supply of affordable housing in Tacoma is a topic that is constantly bobbing up in the public consciousness, or floating just below the surface of many conversations on topics from the minimum wage to proposed amendments related to Tacoma's Comprehensive Plan. 

In an article in the TNT over the weekend, Matt Driscoll takes a look at how Tacoma Housing Authority deals with the tens of thousands of applications for assistance it recieves every year, and how small a small fraction they are able to offer help to.

The way Tacoma handles affordable housing is an explicit topic of discussion right now, with relevant amendments to the Comprehensive Plan working their way through the review process. Tacoma's Planning Commission and City staff have come up with proposals for the public to review at a pair of upcoming info sessions, and to officially weigh in on at a public hearing to be held on August 19.

In light of this, Driscoll's article offers some interesting food for thought as you consider your reaction to proposed changes to what is allowed, encouraged, and limited in Tacoma's neighborhoods.

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