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Matt Driscoll: It’s time to come to terms with Tacoma’s shrinking grit

Just how gritty are we anymore?

That's what Matt Driscoll asks in his latest column for the TNT. His answer? Tacoma's grittiness is "increasingly overstated." The blue collar jobs that have so long formed a major pillar of Tacoma's identity are shrinking in numbers, replaced by low-wage service jobs.

What can we do to replace those vanishing blue collar careers? How about an education that prepares those young men and women who are dropping out of the labor market for the next generation of jobs? And don't forget the need for businesses to offer them those jobs - even if they don't fit the gritty image. Maybe the next generation of middle class jobs comes with a cap and gown, rather than a blue collar, but maybe they can serve the same purpose.

Is it time to let the grit take on a bit of a polish? Can we hold onto the grit, and make room for what's next?

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