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Monday pivotal for new Pierce County building

Today a judge will hear arguments on the legality (or illegality) of the referendum on the contentious project to build the new Pierce County General Services Building in Tacoma's Lincoln District.

The judge is visiting from Kitsap County to avoid a conflict for Pierce County Judges. If the referendum is found legal, that means Gig Harbor resident Jerry Gibbs and friends can go back to gathering the more than 24,000 signatures he needs to put it on the November ballot. That would also mean a halt to progress on the County's project until after November.

The judge could also find the referendum illegal, defining the new building project as an "administrative" decision, and thus not subject to referrendum. If this happens it would die there, and plans could move ahead on the new building. That said, Pierce County voters will still get to cast an advisory vote in November on whether or not they support the building project - but that vote would not have any binding weight.

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