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No gentrification in Seattle? A new study makes the case

When new development comes to an established neighborhood, there's a pretty good chance you'll hear the word "gentrification" enter the conversation at some point. 

It's not a word that is often defined in objective numbers - it's more likely to be a subjective response to a situation - but one recent study from City Observatory tries. The City Observatory study defines gentrification as the displacement of low-income households within a census tract - they must start with a high rate of poverty (>30%), and end with a low one (<15%). 

The report finds that no Seattle neighborhood meets that gentrification test - in fact very few neighborhoods from the 50 cities surveyed do. Basically the trend is that nicer neighborhoods have always been pretty nice, and poorer neighborhoods have always been pretty poor.

If there's doubt around whether Seattle is seeing gentrification, does that hold true for Tacoma too?

Read more at Seattle Times


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