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Out, Brief Candle: Tacoma Charter Review In Memoriam

In the most recent round in the process of reviewing Tacoma's Charter, the Council voted to consider placing some items on the ballot, and put an end to others, including a proposal to change Tacoma's form of government.

Dan Rahe of Post Defiance doesn't pull punches in a scathing summary of the process he describes as "a circus of political incoherency." 

We cannot treat an extraordinary charter review as if it is subject to ordinary process. ... Allowing the City Council to appoint the majority of the seats on the Charter Review Commission may be well and good in most instances, but the practice ought to be questioned when the nature of the council’s role is under consideration.

His conclusion that the process was bungled is worth considering. We've got 10 years to learn from this round - what lesson do you take away?

Read more at Post Defiance


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