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Photographic Evidence of Brewing: Day One

Pacific Brewing and Malting Co. has officially started brewing. The brewery has taken longer to get off the ground than originally anticipated, due to a number of factors, and they have yet to set an official opening date.

Also worth a read is the prohibition-era flyer from a PB&M blog post earlier in July, titled "To the Women of Tacoma." It begins "In Tacoma there is a voice heard - mourning and lamentation and weeping - mothers weeping for their children, for whom the gates of death are opened and there is no hand to save. Saloons abound and multiply - gambling goes on unchecked. Infamous houses increase and are difiant. Law and decency are trampled under foot..." and goes on from there. It's a fascinating little piece of Tacoma history from the movement that shut down the original Pacific Brewing nearly 100 years ago.

But with the first official batch of PB&M beer in nearly a century brewing, opening day is getting closer... almost close enough to taste it.

Read more at Pacific Brewing & Malting Co


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