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Sound Physicians signs lease for Umpqua Bank Building

New life will be coming to the corner of 15th and Pacific: Sound Physicians has signed an 11 year lease for space in the Umpqua Bank building across the street from Pacific Grill and the United Way Building.

Sound Physicians' CEO Rob Bessler, MD had some glowing things to say about Tacoma: “Downtown Tacoma is becoming a more vibrant city with a nice mix of local offerings for our colleagues with shorter commute times and lower costs than in Seattle— it has been a great place to grow our organization. We’re fortunate to work in such a beautiful spot surrounded by views of Commencement Bay, the Olympic Mountains and Mount Rainier.”

The organization will be moving its 150 employees just a few blocks from its current location at 11th and Pacific to the new space, Which will give it room to grow.

Read the full press release here.

Read more at Business Examiner


Jim C

Yeah, Tacoma was a “great place” for Sound Physicians to defraud the federal government out of what was most likely hundreds of millions of dollars, admit no wrongdoing, and pay a fine amounting to a fraction of what they stole to get off the hook.  I, for one, am not proud that Tacoma is home to an organization that steals from Medicare as a business model.



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