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Tacoma History

We like Tacoma, and we like stories about its history - the quirkier, the better - so a newly revamped Tacoma History website is a great place for us to spend some time when current events get to be just a bit too much.

Posted by local historian Michael Sullivan, each story features some episode of Tacoma's past - big and small - told in word and picture.

Sullivan recounts public episodes like the story behind the 40-foot red neon pegasus (complete with animated gold lightning bolts) that once graced the top of Tacoma's tallest building. He also tells more personal stories, like the one of an Oregon woman who followed her Army boyfriend to Tacoma, where she robbed a theater for the money to follow him on to Alaska. and of course, we get the history of that long-gone theater, too.

It's fun to dip into a story or two, and get a snapshot of moments in Tacoma's history - 

Read more at Tacoma History



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