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Tacoma strong mayor ballot item could have unintended consequences

On the ballots showing up in Tacoma mailboxes, there are several items causing a bit of controversy. One of them, titled "Citizens' Charter Amendment Initiative Measure No. 2" would make changes to the way Tacoma's government functions.

This is the return of one of the recommendations of the Charter Review Commission - one that didn't make it past the City Council to the voters last November. But it's in the voters' hands now... although it may be a little flawed as written. The TNT's Kate Martin takes a closer look at the measure - its intent, its background, some of the mistakes/issues pointed out by the City attorney and others, and the rebuttal to those issues from supporters.

Issues raised by challengers include the accidental omission of the "Powers of the People" section of Tacoma's Charter, as well as problems that could leave Tacoma without a mayor or a city manager for a few months immediately following the election, allow a tied council vote to pass, make council terms indefinite, and eliminate the initiative petition process. 

While every item on the ballot is important, this would be a particularly good one to pay attention to.

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