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Tacoma voters to weigh rival minimum-wage initiatives

If you're a Tacoma voter, you have one week to decide how to vote on the minimum wage issue on the ballot this year. $15 now? $12 over a couple years? Neither?

While you ponder that, you may also be pondering how to navigate the ballot to make sure you cast the vote you actually mean to. Regardless of your choice, be sure to vote on both parts of the ballot item: Should either of these be enacted? (yes or no) AND if the yes votes prevail, which should it be? ($12 or $15). Even if you vote no on the first question, your choice on the second could still be relevant if most voters vote yes.

An article in The Seattle Times this week takes an outsider's look at the Tacoma minimum wage debate from a city that has already made its own $15 decision, giving some context to the question now before voters in Tacoma.

Read more at The Seattle Times


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