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The Cities with the Highest (and Lowest) Real Minimum Wage

A recent piece on the Huffington Post Business Blog takes a look at some research that tries to get at how the real value of a minimum wage varies from city to city.

The report adjusts the minimum wage in each city according to the cost of living in each location, generating a number they call the "real minimum wage" in relation to the national average. They give the example of Seattle, where the current minimum wage for large employers is $11 an hour, and the cost of living is 20% above the national average. The "real" minimum wage they find for Seattle comes out at $8.38 per hour, making it the 37th highest of the 241 largest US cities studied.

Tacoma is another one of the cities analyzed. The current state minimum wage of $9.47 an hour, in the context of Tacoma's cost of living at 3% higher than national average, comes out of their equation as $9.17 an hour in terms of what the wage will buy you here. That puts Tacoma's current "real" minimum wage at 10th highest on their list. That's before any proposed increase kicks in. If the proposed increase to $15 an hour goes through, the Post piece predicts "Tacoma would likely have the highest cost-of-living-adjusted minimum wage in the U.S."

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