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The Tragic Comedy of Small Business Permitting

Sometimes we hear complaints that complicated local permitting processes and regulations seem to limit growth more than they encourage it.

Tacoma is far from being alone in drawing these kinds of complaints; this video pointing out some of the silliness in San Francisco's system has been around for a little while, but still seems relevant. The fun thing about it is that it was created by a SF planning department employee, and actually became part of a movement, led by that department, which produced real changes simplifying some parts of their permitting processes. 

We've seen some responses to those complaints recently in Tacoma too, with changes to small business and other permitting requirements, including online one-stop portals and other efforts to streamline processes. Maybe a video like this could keep the discussion going with the City Tacoma (and maybe the Health Department too) about areas with, shall we say, room for improvement...

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