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The truth about Tacoma: 5 things you might not know

An article about Tacoma that appeared on Crosscut today is making the rounds of the internet. It's written by a Tacoma native for Seattleites, but it's more nuanced and insightful than the title at first made us think.

Benjamin Anderstone gets into the nitty gritty of the gritty city, talking about what divides Tacoma, as much as what unites it. It's not a quick read, but worth it for the issues it points to.

Anderstone wraps up the piece with an examination of Tacoma's image problem, ultimately concluding that "Tacoma may have a branding problem, but it doesn't have an image problem." That's a great sound bite, but there's more to the article than that.

Have you read it yet? Does it sound like the Tacoma that you know?

Read more at Crosscut


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