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When Cities Become Science, Where Does Art Fit In?

A recent piece from NPR explores a Rochester, New York project that brings the work of urban artists to the walls of its public spaces. It doesn't sound all that different from Tacoma's Mural Project.

With the movement to make city planning quantifiable and predictive, with measurable outcomes, and a focus on sustainability and efficiency, where does art fit in? Can an objective and quantified model of urban development find room for something as subjective and qualitative as public art?

Imagination and whimsy can seem at odds with a world governed by scientific models and big data. As we seek successful models of economic development, it's easy for efforts to foster creative expression in a city to be forced into the background. Is there, though, an argument to be made that our public spaces can only be at their best when they make room for art, as well as science?

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