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Wider I-5 — along with years of worse congestion — coming to JBLM area

Traffic on I-5 through Tillicum and past JBLM can be a real... mess. WSDOT has plans and funding to do something about the problem (primarily adding more lanes to I-5), but their plans mean things are going to get worse before they get better. 

Travel along that stretch is particularly for a number of reasons. The population in that area has grown, and there are few surface street routes for anyone traveling that way. The location of the base puts additional strain on the road system, and blocks some potential surface street alternatives for local traffic.

The TNT has a run down on the latest on plans for a 6-year project to improve that area, which includes an expansion to 8 or even 10 lanes, and possible carpool lanes on I-5, and creative solutions including new overpasses and roundabouts, and for local traffic and cyclists, a surface street with a possible bike/pedestrian lane.

Get the details on all the proposed changes on the WSDOT project page. Who's ready for a wider I-5?

Read more at The News Tribune


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