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About Exit133

Exit133 is a website about Tacoma, Washington. Topics vary from day to day but tend to focus on urban design, politics, real estate, and the arts. At its core, Exit133 is trying to drive the civic discussion in a way that's productive and meaningful. Since its first post, many writers, interns, editors, and contributors have appeared to help make this website possible and sustainable. Former regular writers are now on the Metro Parks Board and the Tacoma City Council. The website has won various awards from local publications and organizations to the AIA (American Institute of Architects). It's been an adventure. Thank you for visiting us. Join the conversation. Make your voice heard!


Derek Young started Exit133 in 2005 as an experiment. The real estate market was booming. The arts scene was thriving. Within a few weeks of its launch, Exit133 immediately starting gaining traction as a news source in Tacoma and the South Sound.

Derek is an experienced technology and marketing professional working with companies around the world. Yet, his heart is firmly planted in Tacoma. Derek received his undergraduate degree from the University of Puget Sound and his MBA from the University of Washington - Tacoma. He lives in Tacoma's North Slope Historic District.

Awards & Recognitions

Best Blog 2013 (South Sound Magazine)

Best Blog 2013 (Weekly Volcano)

Best Blog 2012 (Weekly Volcano)

Art Popham Award 2010 (Tacoma Pierce County Chamber of Commerce New Tacoma Awards)

Best Office 2010 for Suite133 (South Sound Magazine)

Best Blog 2010 (South Sound Magazine)

Merit Award in the Un-Built Category 2009 (American Institute of Architects)

Best Blog 2008 (Weekly Volcano)

Best Blog 2007 (Weekly Volcano)